Circe and Lilith

Circe and Lilith are sisters who treat each other like, well, sisters do. Circe is the older one, the bossy one, the caring, affectionate one that feels it is her duty to make sure everyone is okay and her sister is towing the line. Lilith is the younger one, the bigger one, the laid-back, easy going one who feels it is her duty to make sure everything in the house is okay and that she is doing whatever it takes to appease her bossy older sister.

Circe, ever the proper one with the sense of decorum, always wears her collar. Lilith, who does not care for such conventions, refuses to wear one. Ever.

They are my girls, my shadows, my endless sources of delight, amusement, comfort and hair. On everything.

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On this page you will find video clips and photos starring these two lovely ladies. Because, who doesn’t like cat videos?

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